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Corpora available on this server (click here to view your own corpus access privileges)
Images of Austerity
Austerity Newspapers (0502)
Austerity Newspapers (0502) deduplicated
Austerity Newspapers (0925)
English Gigaword (2nd ed.)
German Newspaper Articles on Migration
Austerity Tweets (v4)
Exploring the Fukushima Effect
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 2011 bis 2014 (v2, nur Paragraphen)
Süddeutsche Zeitung (2009 bis 2014)
Süddeutsche Zeitung (Regionalausgabe) 2011 bis 2014
Süddeutsche Zeitung 2011 bis 2014
Tweets in Jap (2006--2010, Melbourne data)
Tweets in Jap (2011_01--2011_02, Melbourne data)
Tweets in Jap (2011_03--2011_05, Melbourne data)
Tweets in Jap (2011_06--2011_08, Melbourne data)
Tweets in Jap (2011_09--2011_12, Melbourne data)
Tweets in Jap (2012, Melbourne data)
Tweets in Jap (2013, Melbourne data)
Tweets in Jap (2014--2015, Melbourne data)
Tweets in German (v2, Melbourne data)
Tweets containing "Phase-out" (Jap. Melbourne)
Yomiuri 2011 bis 2016 (unidic, only paragraphs)
Political Tweets
BREXIT Tweets (v2)
Japanese Politicians (012018-042018)
BREXIT tweets (reply-threads)
Tweets zur Bundestagswahl 2013 (Juni bis September)
Tweets zur Bundestagswahl 2017
Tweets about the GE in Japan 2014 (December)
Tweets about the GE in Japan 2014 (December, GNIP)
Landtagswahlen in Bayern (14.10.2018)
Tweets zur LTWBY2018
Nachrichten zur LTWBY2018
Ad Hoc Announcements (English, v2)
Alco – Albanian Corpus
BA Jonas Schreiber
Corpus of Late Modern English Texts v. 3.1
Delta Corpus (German)
Demystifying Multilingualism (v5)
DS: Harry Potter Fan-Fiction
EFCamDat Learner Essays
NewsScape English 2016 with gesture annotation v1
Tim Griebel (deutsch, 04/2014)
Tim Griebel (amerikanisch, 04/2014)
MRSA (v3)
Palliative Care Interviews
English Pop Lyrics
Thomas Corpus (with speakers)
Thomas Corpus (tagged)
Brown Family
Brown Corpus
Brown Family (unified)
Freiburg-LOB Corpus (FLOB)
Freiburg-Brown Corpus (FROWN)
Lancaster-Oslo/Bergen Corpus (LOB)
DS: Academic Web Pages
NewsScape English v5
Royal Society Corpus (v2.0.2)
Darmstadt English Subtitles Corpus (DESC v2)
WP500 (Wackypedia subset)
BGH-Urteile (v1)
German Language of Slogans
Projekt Gutenberg
Frankfurter Rundschau (UTF-8)
German Minnesang
tageszeitung (complete)
taz 2001 bis 2004
taz 2005 bis 2011 (A)
taz 2005 bis 2011 (B)
TIGER Treebank
Le Figaro
Japanese Twitter Data
Japanese Twitter Data (fine tagset)
Japanese Twitter Data (UniDic)
Korean Tweets
Sejong Corpus (2015)
Granma Cartas (v1)
Teatro Español del Siglo de Oro (v1)
Reference Corpora (for frequency lists)
Japanese reference corpus (BCCWJ, suw)
German reference tweets
English Tweets (August 2017)
Japanese Tweets (August 2017)
Japanese reference tweets (neologd 092017)
MRSA (v2)
Russian web as corpus sample
Test with Gestures on Dec. 2016
German reference tweets (v2)
System messages
2018-06-06 New Arrangement of Corpora
The corpora have been newly arranged. If you cannot find a corpus that belongs to you or lost your access privileges, please contact us.

All corpora listed under "Uncategorised" will be deleted in the long run. Please let us know if there are any issues with this.

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